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A more productive and cost-effective building. Minus the risk and pain.
PoE (power over ethernet) lighting is changing the way commercial designers think about their buildings. PoE can save up to 70 percent on the cost of a typical fluorescent setup. But that’s just the beginning.

PoE fixtures can be equipped with ambient light sensors that balance their output for how much sunlight is currently hitting the room. They dim and brighten to save money and make every room more pleasant and productive. No other current system has this form of intelligence.
PoE lights can also adjust for color temperature; in the morning when employees are just beginning the day, the color temperature on a fixture will have more of an amber glow to it, making the environment more comfortable. In the afternoon, after lunch—when everyone wants to pretend they’re in Greece and take a nap—the lights will turn cooler and brighter, delivering whiter whites to help energize your staff. Other features in these lights can track employees and even objects in a room. Fixtures can produce Li-Fi, a form of wireless access.

And PoE lighting fixtures can be controlled individually. Systems can be setup so when an employee checks in, only the light over their desk gets turned on.
This specific light can even be toned to color and brightness according to individual preferences. This can save tremendous amounts of energy and optimize employee
efficiency. Finally, IT personnel love PoE lighting because it gives them the ability to control it. Everything is on the network and everything on the network gets managed by the IT department.

We don’t just design and sell these systems. We have them installed in our own offices. Come by for a visit and a demo.​
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