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You want to think about the work, not the tools.

Every business has its own mission and aspirations—and when you’re collaborating, you don’t want technology to get in the way of that. Instead, you want it to enhance your experience and aid your efforts, projects and more.

Remote business doesn’t run if the picture and voice don’t convey the full range of human expression—or don't operate like they should. That’s why you need customizable AV solutions that fit the needs and requirements of your team and consistently reach the members you need to reach. Whether to accommodate remote communication or simply maintain suitable conference room systems, your business should have the audiovisual solutions required to support its operations. At Encompass AV, we provide solutions for conference room AV in Chicagoland that are compatible with the vision of your workplace and can help you get the job done.

Benefit From Our Advanced & Easy-To-Use Technology

No matter the industry, EAV has the capabilities to bring your company’s conference room systems to the next level. Be it a corporate office, health care, education or hospitality environment, we provide audiovisual solutions that create a better and easier experience for the user. Sound and display quality play a key role in engaging and effectively accommodating everyone involved. Our high-definition conference room monitors and audio solutions create an engaging meeting room display and will help you succeed in maintaining a collaborative environment.

Why EAV?

If dependable, cutting-edge conferencing capability is important to you, EAV will deliver the most intuitive and highest-quality systems possible. Along with supplying cutting-edge audio and video conferencing systems, we’re also the most responsive provider you’ve ever worked with. When you need assistance with your advanced audio systems or conference room TV display, EAV is ready to consult and install.

Everyone from our C-suite to our tech team is heavily Invested in not only the latest hardware, but also how to install it, so it’s easy to use and frees businesspeople to focus on their passion—not the equipment.

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We promise:
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Leaving fellow contractors, tenants and building management hanging is something we don’t do. These are our promises to you if you encounter an issue on anything we’ve installed.