PoE & IoT Technologies

Lighting is cited as one of the key components for creating an inviting atmosphere in any venue.  Encompass is an experienced provider of innovative lighting solutions and designs for every atmosphere from local cafes to arenas. PoE lighting is the most significant factor in a coming sea change that will affect the entire commercial lighting industry  

POE Lighting (power over Ethernet) is exactly what it sounds like.  We’re going to go over this briefly in this book and we’re going to cover it now as you’ve just read the section on networking. By running Cat-6a to a lighting fixture which connects into a Cisco switch, the user powers a ceiling light instead of having standard AC run to this fixture.  All POE lights use LED (light emitting diode) technology to turn the current from the switch into light.  The goal of most POE lighting is to replace standard fixtures we see in offices and warehouse spaces, fixtures such as a 2’x4’ or 2’x2’ fluorescent or even AC LED fixture. There are many benefits to POE lighting. The first is going to be energy savings.  POE can save up to 70 percent on the cost of a typical fluorescent set up. 

POE lighting can also do things that no other lighting system can do.  Fixtures can be purchased with different options, the most common of which is the ambient light sensor.  This sensor detects how much ambient light is in a room (how much light is coming through the windows), and can adjust a fixture to compensate.  For example, say you have an east facing office space; in the morning when the sun is pouring through the windows, the fixtures will stay dim to adjust for ambient light, saving the client money.  In the afternoon, when the sun is not directly shining in the window, the fixtures will automatically increase intensity to compensate.  No other system has this form of intelligence.  POE lights can also adjust for color temperature; in the morning when employees of an office are just beginning the day, the color temperature on a fixture will have more of amber glow to it, making the environment more comfortable.  In the afternoon, after lunch when everyone wants to pretend they’re in Greece and take a nap, the lights will turner cooler and brighter; whiter whites in order to energize your staff.  Other features in these lights can track employees and even objects in a room.  Fixtures can even produce Li-Fi, a form of wireless access. 

Additionally, POE lighting fixture can be controlled individually.  Systems can be set up, so when an employee checks in, only the light over their desk gets turned on.  This specific light can even be toned to color and brightness to the employees liking.  This can save tremendous amounts of energy and optimize employee efficiency.  Finally, IT personnel love POE lighting because it gives them the ability to control it.  Everything is on network and everything on network gets managed by the IT dept.   Note: at EAV we have four rooms at the office which currently use POE lighting.  The rooms feature different styles and brands of manufacturers.  Our two go-to brands right now are Cree (large company) and Genisys (small company). Our office is a fully functional showroom to demo this technology at any given time, so please feel free to call and set up a visit.


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