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Buildings are getting smarter. Are your AV providers keeping up?
Just like more consumers expect that all online experiences will be as seamless and easy to use as Netflix or Amazon, your future tenants and operators will demand buildings that run smarter, more cost effectively and with less management pain.
Maximize the opportunity.
To deliver you better development timelines, lower TCO and streamlined management, today’s AV/IT teams must be more than “nuts and bolts” guys who show up when they show up.

Next-gen AV/IT teams are ruthless vetters of the “latest and greatest” — and know how each component performs in the real world. These providers will grasp your mission, design more elegant solutions, and help you achieve the balance between sexy technology and total dependability. Big names and big teams no longer guarantee owner ROI and tenant satisfaction.

Without the curiosity or chops to make the most innovative hardware and ideas work in the built environment, smart buildings will remain an expensive, painful mirage.
Build for tomorrow, today.
Voice and video that work are just table stakes. Your 21st Century AV provider will also help deliver you an IT backbone that can run multiple building systems while being completely flexible. PoE, security and more can be predictably run from this backbone, giving you a more cost-effective way to consolidate technology in structures you finance, build or operate.

It all adds up to a big win for developers, owners GCs and architects: Reduced project risk and capital expenditures on the front end, reduced TCO and delighted tenants on the back end.​
The EAV Pledge
Leaving fellow contractors, tenants and building management hanging is something we don’t do. These are our promises to you if you encounter an issue on anything we’ve installed.