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Connectivity solution for nightclubs, restaurants and bars that drives innovation and success.
Slick AV immerses your guests in your world and your brand. But none of that is worth jack if it’s not supported by a scalable connectivity infrastructure.
Building on a background in AV/IT design.
Encompass Connect got started when founder Tim Pickett parlayed his Columbia degree in Architectural Acoustics into vetting and deploying the best AV and connectivity technology for bars, clubs and restaurants.

15 years later, we’ve built a team of hardcore technicians who can out-plan, out-think and out-build any commercial AV and connectivity team in the market. So you don’t have to choose between the “latest and greatest” and rock-solid dependability.


Built to save you money in the long run.
We design our future-proof connectivity networks so you can not only wrap your clientele in rich sound and light, but easily add advanced data, security and other features to your connectivity backbone. (Friendly hint: If your vendor wants to put your AV system on an HDMI matrix, you might already be putting yourself in some expensive handcuffs. Talk to us first.)
The Encompass Connect Pledge
Leaving fellow contractors, tenants and building management hanging is something we don’t do. These are our promises to you if you encounter an issue on anything we’ve installed.
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