Sound Systems

A sound system has three major types of components:

  • Sources. These can range from microphones to iPods, laptop audio to Sonos units. Anything that produces or generates the initial signal is known as a source. In a bar or restaurant, you would typically have one or two music sources, like a unit which plays Pandora or Spotify, a couple satellite receivers for game audio, possibly an input in a private dining room for an iPod or phone audio hook up, and sometimes a microphone for paging or announcements.
  • Processing. The processor is the brain of the system. The processor allows the inputs to be routed or mixed, adds equalization or compression to signals, safeties, crossovers, or anything that has to do with volume control, as well as the outputs to the amplifiers.
  • Output Stage. This consists of amplifiers and speakers. After the signals from the sources are processed and routed, they are sent to an amplifier. Then the signal goes from the amplifier to the speaker(s). Sometimes the amplifier can be built into the speaker, making a unit called an amplified speaker.

So, now you have a basic overview of how a sound system is designed and what goes into building one. Please note: The solutions EAV provides are at the higher end of the market, they have been field tested for reliability and quality for many years.  Our systems are excellent because we have created this formula, and over a long period time and lots of service calls, utilized our data to continually optimize our system design.

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Martin Audio

Back in 2004, we realized that if we were going to make a name for ourselves we could not sell the same old equipment that our more experienced and established competitors were pawning off on customers.  The good news was that the standard was set very low.  Most companies were using names like DBX for processing, Crown and Crest for amplification and JBL and Electro-Voice for speakers.  These were not excellent in quality but were OK in reliability and would make sound when you asked them too.  Tim Pickett was exposed to much higher end equipment in his college tenure, specifically to a speaker brand named Martin Audio.  Through connections, Tim managed to get a dealership for the British brand that no one in Chicago had at the time.  Encompass thus began their long-standing relationship with Martin Audio. 

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